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Parent Services

Strategic Planning

Teacher Mommy-Mommy Teacher's Strategic Model allows participants to create and implement plans to help fulfill a goal or objective. The participants will identify the goals they would like to achieve by a desired time. They will collaborate with the consultant (one-on-one) or other participants (group session) to strategize effective solutions to the identified goal. The participants will feel energized and relieved knowing they are not alone. They will be motivated instead of defeated. This model addresses how to establish order when setting goals by:


  • identifying the goal

  • scheduling and prioritizing events

  • collecting and analyzing information

  • implementing and managing the plan

  • reviewing and revising the plan

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Wellbeing sessions provide participants with strategies to identify problems, create solutions and build self-confidence. 
The Listening Ear session will allow individuals a judgment-free zone to empty themselves of things that burden them. During this time, we will initiate the problem-solving process. By the end of each session, the participant will feel a sense of relief and have a list of strategies to be proactive and not reactive to a situation when it arrives. 

The Motivation and Encouragement session will boost the participants' self-confidence by incorporating strategies that promote physical, behavioral, cognitive, and emotional growth and change.

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