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Parent Workshops

Our mission is to equip you with the essential knowledge and tools needed to navigate the intricate terrain of your child's social, emotional, and educational growth.

The collaboration between home and school is paramount, and the insights you gain here will not only strengthen your understanding but also empower you to actively participate in your child's holistic development.

Throughout this workshop, we will delve into key topics, providing practical strategies and valuable insights that go beyond the conventional boundaries of the classroom. From fostering emotional intelligence to optimizing educational support, we aim to empower you with the resources to create a nurturing environment that encourages your child to thrive.

Nurturing Young Minds: A Parent Workshop on Child Development, Milestones, and Early Literacy
Welcome to "Nurturing Young Minds," a parent workshop designed with the parents in mind.
  • Gain valuable insights into child development.
  • Explore developmental milestones for ages 3-6.
  • Explain how children learn to read in their early years.

We will cover essential topics each week to help you better understand and support your child's growth and development.
8-week sessions (1 hour, 3 topics)
or 24 single sessions
Building Strong Foundations:
A Workshop on Understanding Behavioral Health 

"Building Strong Foundations: A Workshop on Understanding Behavioral Health is designed with the parents in mind.
  • Provide parents with valuable insights, and practical strategies.
  • Indulge in interactive experiences to support the positive behavioral health of their young children.

The workshop covers a diverse range of topics relevant to parenting elementary school-age children, with a focus on understanding, promoting, and managing behavioral health.
7-week sessions (1 hour, 3 topics)
or 21 single sessions
Engaging Families for School Readiness:
Parent Workshop

"Engaging Families for School Readiness" is a comprehensive parent workshop designed to empower parents.
  • Explore various aspects of family engagement
  • Learn how to create nurturing environments that promote their child's cognitive, social, emotional, and physical development.
  • Fostering positive relationships between families, educators, and community partners
8-week sessions (1 hour, 3 topics)
or 24 single sessions
Foundational Reading Skills Workshop
"Building Blocks of Early Literacy: Foundational Reading Skills Workshop for Parents" is designed to help parents empower their child's reading journey and foster a love of literacy at home. This workshop is designed with the parents in mind.
  •  Discover the secrets of early literacy development.
  • Engage in hands-on activities to teach vital reading skills.
  • Learn practical strategies to support print concepts, phonological awareness, phonemic awareness, phonics, word recognition, and fluency.
3- 1 hour  sessions

Kindergarten Readiness

Kindergarten Readiness provides parents with practical strategies and hands-on activities to support their child's readiness for kindergarten.
With our comprehensive approach to literacy, numeracy, social-emotional development, and motor skills, schools can ensure that every child enters kindergarten ready to thrive.
  • Social foundations
  • Language & Literacy
  • Mathematics
  • Physical Well- Being
  • Motor Development
4- 1 hour  sessions

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