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Foundational Reading Skills
Reading Comprehension Training

Help a child transition from learning to read, but reading to learn.

As children learn to read, they must develop foundational reading skills to become successful readers. Foundational skills are the knowledge and abilities necessary to support successful reading. Beginning readers need a strong foundation in oral language to build vocabulary and comprehension, along with many other cognitive skills and processing abilities that predict reading success.

"Join us for our Foundational Reading Skills Workshop! In this interactive and informative session, teachers will explore essential reading strategies, phonics, and comprehension techniques. Gain the tools to empower students on their reading journey. Enhance your teaching skills and make a lasting impact on young learners. Don't miss this opportunity to boost reading proficiency in your classroom."

Foundational Reading Skills Included In The Training
  • Print Concepts

  • Phonological Awareness

  • Phonemic Awareness

  • Phonics and Word Recognition

  • Fluency

Our Reading Comprehension Workshop will transform your teaching approach and empower your students to become proficient, thoughtful readers. In this workshop, you'll gain access to proven strategies and resources designed to ignite the spark of comprehension in your students. Discover how to create engaging lessons that captivate young minds. Uncover the latest tools and techniques for differentiating instruction to meet diverse learner needs. Join us at the Reading Comprehension Workshop and be the catalyst for change in your classroom. 

Reading Comprehension 
  • Identifying the Main Idea & Details

  • Determining the Author's Purpose

  • Identifying Cause and Effect

  • Clarifying & Categorizing

  • Comparing & Contrast

  • Drawing Conclusions

  • and much more

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Phonics & Word Recognition
Phonemic Awareness
Print Concept
Phonological Awareness
For more information about our Foundational Reading Skills & Reading Comprehension Professional Developments contact us.
Foundational Reading Skills
Reading Comprehension Training Videos

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