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Dolch Sight Words Workbook Bundle

Sight words are words that children should learn to read without sounding out the letters. This workbook introduces a new sight word on each page. The activities on each page consist of saying the sight word, reading a sentence with the sight word included, and writing the sight words. This practice will allow your child to become familiar with the sight words and improve their reading fluency.

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Word Family Bundle- "Am", "At", "Ag" & "Ap"

"Word Family Stories". Each book contains four stories relating to a specific word family. After every story, there are comprehension questions to check your child's understanding of what was read. At the back of each book, there are flashcards that can be cut out and used for vocabulary practice.

Buy 3 Get 1 Free

Pre-Primer Sight Word Story Workbooks Bundle

Pre-Primer Sight Word Story Workbooks- These four workbooks include sentences using the sight word and photographs to aid in the understanding of the text. There are also fun activities designed to keep your child engaged while learning.

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