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Strategic Planning

This session provides participants with strategies to identify problems, create solutions, build self-confidence, address how to establish order when setting goals and how to thrive in demanding situations by:


  • identifying the goal

  • scheduling and prioritizing events

  • collecting and analyzing information

  • implementing and managing the plan

  • reviewing and revising the plan


While working through the session, the participants will:

  • plan with the end in mind

  • know their desired results and actions needed to obtain them

  • learn from past experiences

  • reevaluate and alter plans

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Implementing Effective Plans

This session will assist teachers with preparing, presenting, and reflecting on the lesson. 

Our goal is to assist the teacher in seeing the bigger picture: what is being taught, why it needs to be taught, how it will be taught, what knowledge you want the students to receive from the lesson, and did the students receive that knowledge.


While working through this session, the teachers will:

  • learn to articulate and explain why the objective is necessary

  •  indicate how the students will be successful 

  • incorporate different learning modalities

  • implement plans effectively

  • collect and analyze data

  • Evaluate outcomes 


Once a teacher understands all the steps to create and implement a plan, they will be able to engage all learners and produce a meaningful learning experience with their students. 

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To receive more information please send an email.

Professional Development

We offer in-person and virtual workshops and training that help teachers or future educators create engaging and academically rigorous classrooms. We support parents by providing strategies and teaching skills that will assist a child with their learning. We partner with schools, and district-level leaders to identify their instructional priorities and select the right professional learning experiences to support their schools.

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