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"My Affirmation" Children's Journal for Girls

"My Affirmation" Children's Journal for Girls

SKU: 978-1-7354771-7-6

My Affirmation Children’s Journal encourages children to speak life. They are not what their environment, media, or current situation deems them to be. They are creative, talented, and full of vision. They have to believe in themselves and know that others believe in them. This journal allows your child to read their affirmation daily. It also allows them a space to write their thought, wants, and needs. 32-page journal- includes affirmation cover page, 10- written affirmations journal pages (1 affirmation per page), 20 blank affirmation pages, and 13 additional affirmations.


Directions-1. Have your child read the affirmations daily or read only when dealing with difficult life situations. 2. On the pages with the affirmation written have your child either write the affirmation several times or have them write what that affirmation means to them. 3. On the pages with the blank affirmations, have your child write something positive about themselves and repeat step 2. They can use the additional affirmations in the back of the book.

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